Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bracing for the storm!

So I live in path of Hurricane Sandy...! For the past 2 days I have been preparing my house for almost any scenario. We live near a small creek that flooded a decent amt during Irene. I am hoping that if we lose power it will only be 1 day! Our power company says to be prepared for 10 days without power!!! We have a lot of water, some complete nutrition bars for us and pediasure and other easy to eat foods for our daughter plus cans of soup and stuff. We also bought sterno cans and we have bread and peanut butter. We are finishing up showers just in case we can't. Once that is finished we are filling our bathtub with water so that we can at least flush the toilet. I also filled the freezer with water bottles (filled with tap water) so that will help it stay cold longer. I also put a jug in there that I plan to put in the fridge.

Things I don't understand is people buying milk and eggs??? Seriously if you don't have power all that will go bad... But any way hope everyone will stay safe!

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