Saturday, April 23, 2011


I hope those of you who celebrate Easter, are planning a wonderful meal/ day with the family. Unfortunately at my house holidays just are not as important as they felt a child. My daughter is still quite young so we can get away with a few gifts and a small celebration with just us. All of our family, and close friends are in other states, and I am not one for cooking much so a few days after most holidays my hubby's grandparents visit us. We moved to PA from NJ, and with working being sporadic we don't have the funds to go there and see family. the last time we went was in 2009 when Abbi ( our daughter ) was 6 months. it was a long day, and I felt we didn't enjoy it like we should have. On another note....
I am working on a few spring/Easter projects. I will post results whenever are finished. Happy Easter!