Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday/Holiday Cheer

Hello everyone. I'm not sure how many, if any, people still read this, but hey I'll keep posting. I am now 27, getting closer and closer to 30. YIKES! I actually got carded when buying cold medicine on my birthday. Talk about a confidence boost. I got to use my sewing machine. I ate ice cream cake, and just relaxed, and tried to enjoy the day as much as I could. I have been super stressed out, so it was hard to just put it all aside. Still waiting for snow to top off the holiday cheer. All of our gifts are wrapped and I even gave the bf an early gift....

It was a wedding band with a note that read, "let's set a date already!" and so we are aiming for late October early November 2012. I have a "non-existent" budget because we have NO money saved. In addition to trying to post a crafty idea at least weekly I am going to update everyone on my "cheap" yet tactful wedding!