Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday mornings!

So today I felt pretty motivated and cooked a great breakfast for my family! I originally saw this idea on pinterest! I quickly read the blog post, an I knew I would be modifying it to suit what I had available.
The original post had this yummy meal in a round cake pan. Well I don't have one, so I improvised.
First things first-
I cooked about 6 sliced if bacon
- then I made scrambled eggs
- between the eggs an bacon I prepared the crescent rolls:
I rolled them out flat and separated them at all the perforations.
I used a cookie sheet with foil on it.
- first I put on a small piece of bacon length wise- sprinkled in some shredded cheese then topped it with a small amount if scrambled egg.
- finally I rolled it up in to a pocket!
I baked mine at 375 for 11 mins.
In retrospect I should have brushed the inside of the dough with butter before adding stuff. I'll try that next time.
I will leave you with the yummy pictures :)

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